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Can You Solve the Equipment Crossword Puzzle?



6. Equipment lessees like to avoid

7. Leases increase at predetermined points

8. Leases often lead to evergreen

12. Fees for equipment past end of term

14. May be limited for vehicles leases

15. A type of Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause Lease

16. Three letter abbreviation for forklifts

18. Buyouts result in complex accounting

19. Be sure your accounting software tracks at this level


1. To another lessee – Rarely happens for equipment

2. Lease with very small amount of consideration

3. Popular lease with airlines

4. Left over at lease end

5. Famous equipment leasing expert

9. Changes can be a big risk

10. And tear

11. Number used to identify

13. Used to transport goods over land

17. Used to transport goods over water

20. Lease used for trucks, trailers

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