Lease Accounting Videos

Watch Lease Accounting Videos From Experts on the New Standards

Get up to speed on the changes and impacts of ASC 842 and IFRS 16 with this compilation of the best lease accounting videos from the accounting standards boards, Big Four audit firms, and software vendors.  Topics range from the benefits of adopting revenue recognition and lease accounting simultaneously, to the differences between real estate and equipment lease management.

FASB and IASB Lease Accounting Videos

IFRS Foundation: Transition to IFRS 16

In this video, experts from the IASB cover the transition requirements for operating leases to IFRS 16.

FEI: New Lease Accounting Standard - Implementation Challenges and Best Practices

In this FEI video, Reed Wilson, CPA, discusses the technical accounting and reporting challenges companies are facing with implementing the new lease accounting standards.

FASB Accounting Standard Update - ASC 842 Leases: Putting Leases On the Balance Sheet

Designed for lessees, this lease accounting video provides a technical accounting summary of the new ASC 842 standard. The new definitions of operating and finance leases are offered along with explanations of how to calculate assets and liabilities.

FASB Accounting Standard Update - ASC 842 Leases: Why a New Leases Standard?

This lease accounting video from FASB introduces ASU 2016-02 (also known as ASC 842). The history of the new standard is traced back to the 2005 SEC study on off-balance sheet obligations. Various FASB leaders including the Vice Chairman comment on the challenges with the current standards and the goal of the new rules.

IASB - Hans Hoogervorst Discusses the IFRS 16 Lease Accounting Standard

In this lease accounting video, the IASB chairman explains the benefits of the new standards to both companies and their investors. The increased transparency offered by moving leasing obligations on balance sheet will enable easier comparisons between companies.

PWC Lease Accounting Videos

PWC - Lease Accounting Video Series: Variable Payments, Discount Rate, Lease Term, Embedded Leases, Practical Expedients, Transition

PwC's lease accounting video series covers a variety of technical accounting topics for ASC 842 from variable payments and discount rate to embedded leases and practical expedients.

PWC - IFRS 16: Definition of a Lease

In this PwC video, experts detail how the new IFRS 16 lease accounting standard defines leases and what are the key factors companies should be aware of when determining if a contract meets the new definition.

PWC - How Will Equipment Leases Be Managed Under the New ASC 842 Accounting Change?

PWC’s Diane Jennings compares the challenges with accounting for real estate versus equipment leases. She comments on the maturity of software applications and the organizational models used to manage both categories of leases.

PWC - Lessor accounting: the interaction of leasing and revenue

Justin Frenzel, senior manager at PwC, discusses how the new lease accounting standards and revenue recognition standards interact. He comments on two specific situations, lease and non-lease components and variable consideration, where this interaction is crucial.

PWC - Top 3 Issues You Should Know About the New ASC 842 Lease Accounting Standard

Sheri Wyatt, Managing Director at PWC outlines the top three things companies need to know about the new lease accounting standard. Topics include moving leases on balance sheet; evaluating embedded leases; and differences between US GAAP and IFRS.

PWC - Adopting the New ASC 842 Leasing and Revenue Accounting Changes Together: Potential Benefits

Sheri Wyatt, Managing Director at PWC comments on whether companies should adopt the new revenue recognition and lease accounting standards simultaneously. She explains the potential efficiencies to be gained from pursuing both major accounting change initiatives.

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