Lease Accounting Resources

To Assist Compliance Efforts

Find videos, webinars, research studies, and other lease accounting resources to learn more about the impact the new leasing standards will have on your balance sheet, financial metrics, business processes, and industry.


Keep updated on the latest news for the new lease accounting standards and learn about the impact the standards will have on your balance sheet.


Read what the experts have to say about the new lease accounting standards and the current implementation readiness level of top companies.


Watch videos from the Big 4 and Accounting Boards on topics ranging from why the new leasing standards were created to how these standards interact with the new revenue recognition standard.


These webinar series from the Big 4 accounting firms take you through what's changed in the new standards and what your company will need to consider in the transition process.


Need to brush up on your lease accounting terminology? Here is the must-know vocabulary for understanding the new lease accounting standards.

Service Providers

Need help implementing the new lease accounting standards? These service providers have expertise in the standards as well as software implementation.


Most companies with large lease portfolios are investing in lease accounting software to help them manage their leases and comply with the new standards.


Lease accounting doesn't have to be boring. Download these lease accounting crosswords and word searches to test your knowledge and add some fun to your implementation project.