Lease Accounting Newsletter
August 16, 2018
Lease Accounting Newsletter
Optimizing the Four Critical Steps to Beat the Lease Accounting Deadline
Many companies are falling behind on their lease accounting projects, and are worried about meeting the effective date. However, there are ways to optimize the four critical steps of the lease accounting project: data collection; software selection; processes, policies, and controls; and the test cycle. From FEI.
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Selecting a lease accounting solution: The 4 Step Process 
With the number of lease accounting solutions on the market, it can be difficult to separate the options that will help get your company to compliance from the ones that can't. This article provides some points every company should consider when starting on the software selection process. From RSM.
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Technology:  The key to compliance and cost savings
A complete lease accounting software application can help accountants capture cost saving benefits from designing centralized lease processes, improving lease management, and increasing data visibility, according to Riveron. From AccountingToday: Voices. 
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Top 5 considerations for the ASC 842 software implementation project
Selecting the right lease accounting software will be critical to achieving compliance with the new ASC 842 standard. Defining the requirements will require input from groups across the organization. Plus, you also should consider data abstraction, end-user training, and integration when selecting your solution. From RSM. 
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Seven Lease Accounting Lessons Learned

Seven Lessons Learned from Early Lease Accounting Projects

If you're just starting on your lease accounting project, it's crucial for you to save as much time as possible. There are some common, time-wasting mistakes that have been made by many companies when starting their projects. This eBook will guide you through those mistakes and provide solutions on how to avoid them.

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