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September 12, 2018
Lease Accounting Newsletter
Progress Report & Tips: The Steps to Complete Implementation  
Completing the implementation of the new lease accounting standards is proving to be a significant challenge for many companies. PwC has developed a three phase approach based on best practices and lessons learned from early implementations. From PwC. 
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How the Lease Accounting Standards Could Impact Future M&As  
After the effective date of the new standard, M&A transactions will require organizations to consider lease accounting. From EBITDA and debt to purchase agreements, the potential impacts of the new standard on these transactions may be extensive. From Lexology. 
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Should the Lease Accounting Standards Change Your Lease vs Buy Decision? Not Really. 
For a long time, companies considered the ability to keep operating leases off-balance sheet a perk of leasing. Now that the new standards are changing that, questions are arising about whether it's still beneficial to lease instead of buy. From Bloomberg BNA. 
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How Top Companies are Approaching Lease Accounting Software Selection
A new survey by Deloitte asked lessees and lessors about their plans for selecting lease accounting software, with 57% stating that they planned to invest in a third-party software solution.  From FEI.
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SEC Clarification: How to Measure the Operating Lease Liability Based on Index or Rate 
There's been some confusion about how to measure the initial lease liability of a payment based on an index or rate during transition to the new lease accounting standard. The SEC has now provided clarification on this subject. From PwC.
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10 Steps to Collecting Lease Data

10 Steps to Collecting Lease Accounting Data

According to many companies, the most challenging part of implementing the new lease accounting standard is collecting all of the operating lease data that is scattered around systems, spreadsheets, and file cabinets all over the world. However, there are steps you can take to make sure you successfully collect all of the necessary lease data the first time around.

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