Lease Accounting Newsletter
October 24, 2019
Lease Accounting Newsletter
It’s Official. FASB Delays Deadline for US Private Companies
Earlier this month FASB voted to delay effective dates for private companies and certain other entities for the leasing, credit losses (CECL), and hedging standards by a unanimous vote. From Journal of Accountancy.
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Wall Street Journal - Leasing Making Headlines
Articles about leasing have been featured three times in the past few weeks in the Wall Street Journal. *Subscription may be required to access.
WeWork faces rising lease costs after failed IPO.
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US Restricts leasing of commercial aircraft to Cuban airlines.
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John Deere ramps up their annual leasing programs.
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Hidden Debt Comes Into the Light
Learn how the new lease accounting standard is about to shine a great deal of sunlight onto what was previously a dark and largely hidden debt. From Seeking Alpha.
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Lurking Lease Spend Creeps Up on Organizations
LeaseAccelerator’s latest report shares how organizations are struggling to effectively and efficiently manage their leases in the wake of the new standard. From Spend Matters.
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Healthcare: Keep Calm and Adopt the New Standard
Learn why healthcare CFOs don’t need to struggle to ensure their health system is compliant with the new lease accounting standard under ASC 842 or GASB 8. From RGP.
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Transportation & Logistics: How to Navigate the Lease Accounting Impact
Learn the four best practices private transportation & logistics companies can adopt to ease the transition into the new standards. From Supply Chain Brain.
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Tackling GASB 87: A Roadmap to Compliance
November 6th | 2:00pm ET | 1:00pm CT | 11:00am PT

During this live webinar, lease accounting experts from RGP Healthcare & LeaseAccelerator will discuss the critical milestones for ensuring successful adoption of the new standard and provide you with a roadmap to compliance.
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Expert Guide: Governance for Your Lease Portfolio
Read this LeaseAccelerator expert guide to learn the key considerations for updating processes, policies, and controls when adopting the new lease accounting standard.
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Governance for Your Lease Portfolio
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What kind of real estate agreement did Frankenstein enter into? Build to suit
Why did the ghost stumble home on Halloween? He was wearing an off-balance sheet
Why did the vampire keep biting the European auditors? Because he was carnIFRS
Click the button below to enjoy a variety of really bad Halloween-themed lease accounting jokes.
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